A massive opportunity to do good

Opportunity calling

A new era has started and it’s got us getting our trainers on! 

As this week starts the launch of Pontefract’s newest running group – Carleton Running Community, I thought I would blog about the opportunities it brings – to individuals, to those running the group, to the area, and to the lives of those around those taking part.

Wow, all that sounds a bit dramatic! Well, hear me out. There is so much good that can come from people feeling enthusiastic and feeling good about themselves through something new that they are doing. There is so much good and positivity that gets spread to others when they go home and tell their family and friends what they have done that evening. There is so much joy and happiness that spreads through everyone’s lives when someone feels good for what they are doing, especially when they’re doing something new and that is good for them.

The opportunities are endless

Running is good for you. We all kind of get that bit. Yes, you have to be careful not to do overdo it and there are sometimes injuries and problems, but overall the general belief is that running is good for you. I will detail a few of the areas where it does good in people’s lives here. 

Health and fitness

We are a society that is generally carrying too much weight. This isn’t good for us. As someone who knows this from personal experience, this isn’t a good place to be. Being active and exercising regularly in a way that is fun and enjoyable is such a great thing to do, because we feel more inclined to stick at it, and to keep persevering with the fitness.

Self esteem 

I cannot reiterate enough that feeling when you achieve something new. It could be that you’ve managed to run for ten minutes without stopping. Wow, that’s an achievement! It could be that you’ve managed to run for ten minutes without stopping and you can still have a conversation at the same time too. Wow, that’s an even better achievement! There are so many achievements that can be got from running with a social group and it is so good for our souls, for our self esteem and self worth. We can get dragged down by the humdrum of life, but when you achieve, and when you see others around you be pleased for you, you get such a massive lift. You can see the smiles get bigger when this happens, especially to new runners. 

Social circles expanding

One thing we wanted to do when designing the new group was that we wanted to connect people and to get more people knowing other people. After the pandemic era over the last couple of years, we wanted to make this running lark a people thing! Let’s get a social revolution going and let’s celebrate our successes together. There is so much to be had from sharing our lives with others and expanding our social circles with other like minded people. Life just feels so much better around other happy people.

Happiness spreads like smiles through the miles

I just love being around happy people. Partly because unhappy people are just so uninspiring! I love hearing stories of how people have improved their situation, have seen weight loss happen, have seen running or walking times improve. I want to hear more amazing stories of how lives have been changed. 

It isn’t just the lives of those who have seen their lives changed that feel this tsunami of energy, it is those around them that open up to feel this too. When happy people are excited about achieving, their energy can transfer to us too. This energy can help revitalise us when we are down and top up our energy reserves when we may need it too. 

We are seeing a massive opportunity to do good here, and when you help inspire others, you are influencing all those around that person and feel a massive buzz yourself too.

Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?! 

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