A positive anything is better than a negative nothing

Positive Anything is better than Negative Nothing
There is a saying that ‘A positive anything is better than a negative nothing.’
Sounds good but what does it mean? My interpretation is that sometimes we get bad news and that’s all we can consume at that time. This phrase helps us to remember the flip sides of a scenario.
For example, you could take your car into the garage and find out your brakes are dangerously worn and your tyre treads are very low and need replacing. This may feel like news you don’t need. Another expensive bill at a tough time of year. That’s a negative feeling you may think you can do nothing to change. The bill still needs paying.
If you look at the flip side, your car is now going to be safe and keep you protected. Yes, it’s an expense but by paying it you can travel, be safe, go places, see people, transport equipment, and have a freedom that at times is priceless.
Grabbing onto anything that is positive about a situation is a great tip, especially when things feel like they’re not going well. Realising what you have and what you don’t have. Appreciating what you gain or learn from situations.
Understanding who you can trust and depend on when the going gets tough.
It’s totally expected that the focus is on the bad news and the tough time being experienced, but there is so much more benefit to remember the positive anything over the negative nothing.

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