Are you new to working from home?

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Working from home
Working from home

Here are some top tips for those who may not be used to working from home.

  1. Get dressed and ready for work like you normally would. You may be wearing more relaxed clothing but this helps you be in the ‘work’ mindset. Being in your sleep clothes promotes a ‘non-work’ mindset.
  2. If you normally shave for work, shave for working at home. No need for standards to drop just because you’re in a different location. This may seem a small thing, but day after day of not going out can easily see things like this slip. 
  3. If one of the first things you do at work is to chat with colleagues and have a general chat, why not do that when you’re at home? Have a video chat, skype chat, messenger chat. By having that human interaction with someone you are meeting some of the social needs that we as people have. It will probably help you get started with your work better too.
  4. Schedule in when you are going to have non-screen time and food time. When you’re in the office, you have rough timeslots when you usually do things like this, so do this when you’re working from home too. You may welcome the chance to put some washing in the machine before you go on your next call!
  5. Consider colleagues who may be working from home on their own with no one else there. They may appreciate you checking in with them to see how they are doing. Ring them up or video call them. Team working should be lonely and isolated, even if we are spread remotely.
  6. If you need to tweak your working hours to help with a vulnerable person or family member, do so. Let your team know and they will more than likely respect your commitment to others and adapt accordingly.
  7. Don’t forget to switch off at the end of the day. You may be saving an hour or so each way by not travelling into work, so this is an opportunity for you to have this time for yourself, your family, or for other commitments. Just because you are in your ‘new office environment’ 24/7, it doesn’t mean you are working 24/7. 

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