Be pleased for others without jealousy


Today’s thought for the day: You can be pleased for someone else’s good news without needing to be negative or envious.

‘I’ve just won a holiday!’
‘Oh I wish I had, I never win anything and I really could do with a break.’
Or ‘Oh wow, that’s amazing! I’m really pleased for you. Perhaps I should enter a few competitions too.’

The difference between the two responses are one brings on negative feelings for both, whereas the second has a positive, happier response linked to a future action.

Without the future action, the respondent won’t change and will remain negative. The first respondent could have dampened the mood for the holiday winner as well as their own but the second person saw an opportunity to be pleased for someone primarily and to make a change for themselves too.

I know which type of person I would prefer to tell any news like this to. If you’re more like the first person, perhaps learning to make their news stay about them is the first step in keeping good news as good news.

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