Blog Testimonials


I have been fortunate enough to receive some very kind comments and words of appreciation from people who have read my blog posts. Here are a sample from the last eighteen months. 

  • Gwenneth, West Sussex – Just the perspective I needed today.
  • Julie, Castleford – Awww, just wonderful. You have the patience of a saint and a heart of gold.
  • Elizabeth, Featherstone – Don’t know why but I’ve filled up reading this. We all need to start taking a leaf out of your book.
  • Paul, Pontefract – Well said, believe me I can relate to this.
  • Katherine, Castleford – A good reminder – thank you.
  • Pamela, Featherstone – That’s lovely.
  • Steve, Castleford – Well done Rich, you are an inspiration to all.
  • Paul, Pontefract – #inspiration
  • Dionne, Castleford – Keep doing what you do. You never know how much words can help. Your positive words help me on a regular basis to achieve what I have achieved because I am the best I can be, bot worse than someone so keep blogging/posting and talking and you will continue to help people smile.
  • Darren, Castleford – Superb – a wonderful message in life too.
  • Paul, Pontefract – A shining example of many others to follow.
  • Nikki, Wakefield – Amen to this!
  • Neil, Castleford – You do inspire, mate. (machine!)
  • Leanne, Castleford – I love that!
  • Jeanette, Wakefield – Love this Rich, well written as usual.
  • Vicky, Castleford – Great advice. I must remember this.
  • Nikki, Wakefield – Oooh, I like this!
  • Julie, Castleford – Awww that was wonderful Richard. Just the tonic I needed.

If my blog posts have caused a reaction with you, then please either leave a comment beneath the post or get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you and to read what you think about my articles. 

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