But we’ve always done it like that?

Shrugging shoulders

Is there a more frustrating phrase to an expansionist or dare I say, a visionary? The hope that things will just improve on their own without that sprinkling of fairy magic that is the difference that change brings.

Someone can be working very hard and not getting the desired results. Someone may be doing the very best they can and not getting the desired results. Someone may be relying on others to get an improvement happening, and somehow the desired results don’t appear.

Keep on keeping on? 

I’m not one to knock effort, or levels of ability, or even expectations, but I am a firm believer that sometimes you need an external pair of eyes to highlight areas that could make a difference.

I have seen it many times. Hard workers feel they have to work harder. Intelligent people think they must have to keep on the path they’re on for things to work. Dedicated people thinking the answer is to throw more hours at a problem.

Working harder might work. Keeping doing what you’re doing may pay dividends eventually. Throwing more hours at something may get it done in time. But is there another way? Is there a smarter way? Is there a way that could reach the goal quicker? Could there be a way that hasn’t been considered?

We've always done it like that

Reluctance to change

I joked recently that one day the cause of my death will be overhearing the phrase “We’ve always done it that way”. It really infuriates me when this approach is taken time after time without questioning that there may be other ways, especially if things are not looking to great on the current trajectory.

You only move forwards by keeping moving, keeping things fresh, always listening and planning growth. By just doing what you’ve always done, you will slide backwards or plummet downwards. No one can expect to achieve in a sustainable way continuously without continually addressing what is being done, reviewing the as-is, and planning the to-be situations.

We’ve always done it that way

Maybe look at things differently. The new way forwards is to always review, always listen, and always plan ahead. An over-reliance on what has happened in the past is focusing on the past rather than on the possible which is in the future. My tips in any area of life is to look forward, look up, think big, think bright, and believe in what is possible. 

You can look backwards, or you can move forwards. That decision is up to you. 


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