I have collated comments and feedback from people I have worked with, for, and alongside in the past. These are from people in my workplace and who I’ve worked closely with.

I have been fortunate enough to receive some very kind comments and words of appreciation from people I have worked with. Here are a sample from the anonymous 360-degree feedback I sought within the last three years. 

  • Richard’s strongest qualities are his willingness, dedication, persistence in terms of ‘getting stuff done’ – often against the odds – and most of all his highly amenable personality.

  • Richard has a diligent approach and actively seeks to involve others. He can occasionally take on too much due to his fervent desire to do the best he can.

  • Richard is a godsend to our business area, a logical thinker who is compassionate, creative and customer focused.

  • Richard is a quality starter-finisher, an all-round team player.

  • Richard provides quality management support / coaching and development.

  • Richard is a very loyal and person-centred individual who loves nothing more than to excel at his work.

  • Richard provides guidance and expertise in a timely manner.

  • Richard is keen to perform and achieve to targets and objectives set.

  • Richard is helpful, responsive, and pragmatic.

  • Richard is conscientious, professional and friendly.

  • Richard is friendly, approachable, professional and efficient.

  • Richard is engaging, relatable, insightful, approachable and a good listener.

  • Richard handles negativity with considered diplomacy rather than immediate reaction, which is to his credit.

  • Richard is reliable, thorough, dependable and trustworthy.

If we have worked together in the past, then I would really appreciate you spending time to get in touch with me and letting me know your thoughts and comments. 

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