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Rugby League

My Rugby League

Rugby League When I lived in the West Midlands, I was very heavily involved with the sport of Rugby League. In Wolverhampton, there wasn’t much going on in that area for this predominantly Northern sport.   Wolverhampton Wizards RLFC Wolverhampton Wizards were a team of mostly rugby union players that …


Sports Testimonials

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy working along some very good people during my sporting past, both in my time in Wolverhampton and when I moved back to Yorkshire. Here are some of the comments and testimonials of players I played alongside, coached and managed.  Pete, Cornwall – In …


Affiliate Member of CIMSPA

This week, I have become an Affiliate Member of CIMSPA – the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity. This is part of me exploring whether a career change into sports development or sports management is something I want to pursue.  If you have further information or …