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Social media platforms

Not just a problem for social media platforms

Social media boycott This weekend, many sports clubs, broadcasters, reporters, and similar are stopping posting on social media from 3pm on Friday 30th April until midnight on Mon 3rd May as a social media boycott about the lack of action being taken by social media companies about racism and online …

Control your notifications

Phone notifications and quality of life

I recently undertook an experiment with my mobile phone to see how notifications affected my quality of life and the effects it had on how I reacted. For a week I had every app on my phone have their notifications turned on. The following week, I had every app on …

Email sent

Turn off your email notifications today!

Urgent notification! How many times in an average day do I look at my phone because there has been a notification about an email? Is it an important email? Does it need some action there and then? Is it a marketing email, or an unsolicited communication that I don’t need to …