Compliments and praise

Fine apple
When a complete stranger gives you a compliment, it means a lot.
When a friend or acquaintance gives you a compliment, we struggle to accept it as easily.
All compliments should mean a lot to us
The word compliment comes from the Latin word complēre (meaning “to complete”).
Praise is hard to take from people we know, yet they are the ones who know more about us and about the accomplishment.
If I had two wishes for people I know, it would be for us to give more compliments out to each other, and for us all to be able to receive them well with the joy and love that they are given.
Compliments, praise, and thanks are hard for us to receive at times but when we allow them to land we can do so much more with that encouragement and goodwill. You could even say they complete the positivity of the original action.

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