Enabling others to be the best they can be

Leaders help strengthen through believing in the potential of others

I have spoken many a time in the past about leadership, management styles, and how some people in certain roles naturally get the best out of others and enable their fulfilment of their potential, and yet some others don’t have this gift. That is just a fact of the workplace. Some have that gift, others don’t.

Find the best in others
Find the best in others

Change opens up opportunities to review

I’ve recently changed team at work and have already noticed a massive culture difference in how people are managed, how work packages and tasks are assigned and monitored, and how communication styles can see massive improvements in results. 

I’m not one to look backwards with a negative viewpoint, and certainly not publicly. I am one though, who sees the good points of each team that I have worked in, and also I look hard at why things work well or why they didn’t work so well in areas. I’m analytical in my own performance, approach, and attitude too. There are always learning points from the past, and opportunities to make changes for good in the future. 

The playing field isn’t always level

I am also consciously aware over the last 31 years of my working life where I’ve been hamstrung by individuals, hierarchies, strict band structures, and other personality clashes where no matter what I did at times I was on a losing to nothing. The challenge has been thrown back at me that if I wanted to fix stuff I should take the lead on making things happen. On a level playing field, this is something I would do. If the structures are in place and the support and encouragement is in place for all to succeed, then I would be the first to step forward to get this happening. Where it isn’t, then you have to sometimes choose your battles, and realise that sometimes you’re not going to win no matter what. 

Enable people to be the best version of them

In every team I have ever worked in, I have had amazing support from some of my team mates. In every team I have ever worked in, I have had people who have believed in me, my ability, my approach, and much more. This is the ideal scenario that sometimes gets spoiled by one or two people. This is such a shame. I am the kind of person that firmly believes that if you enable people around you to believe in themselves, and to give them the support and opportunity to be the best version of themselves, then EVERYONE wins! 

Empower others
Empower others

How is this done though? Making time to listen. Giving them opportunity to think and suggest change. Allow ownership. Guide and mentor, but allow them to deliver their best work. Widen the boundaries to enable creativity, imagination, and opportunity. Compliment and thank them for their work. Notice when they’re quiet. Take time to enable their voice to strengthen. Ask them what they think. Make them feel valuable and wanted. 

All these tips are crucial if you want to see people grow into who they can be. This isn’t just a work thing. This is a human beings thing. If you want someone to have more confidence, you need to give them a reason to be confident. Knowing that they are trusted, respected, listened to, and that they are appreciated are MASSIVE in this. 

If you expect someone to succeed, they will
If you expect someone to succeed, they will.

My new team

Looking forward, I’m pleased to be in a team where I am being set up to succeed. I’m given time to learn and understand. I’m asked what I think about things. I’m thanked and praised for the work I do and the outputs I create. My team take an interest in me. They want me to be the best me possible. This isn’t implying that my previous teams haven’t wanted this, not one bit! I’m very lucky to be in my new team, and they are getting the best out of me which is good for them too! 

Here’s to more people seeing the benefits of enabling others to be the best they can be. 



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