End of an era

End of an era
End of an era
End of an era

Sweatshop Running Community, Castleford

Well, today saw the end of an era. In 2013, I started running regularly with lots of people who wore yellow. That yellow meant a lot.
Back then it meant community – making friends and lifelong memories. It meant togetherness – who remembers Altogether Now?
It meant help and support – new runners felt welcome and wanted.
It meant race days were always memorable – who remembers the days when we all stayed at the finish line to cheer the last runner home?
It meant having friendly faces around even if you didn’t get a chance to speak to everyone due to the large numbers – the smiles and waves across the room at fellow runners.
It meant socialising and non-Lycra nights out together – who could forget an SRC night out at The WinterSeam in those early years?
It meant that whenever you went to a race you had support from others – who can forget the out and back sections of Abbey Dash being supported all the way by other Sweatshoppers.
It meant people got closer together. Many couples got together at Sweatshop.
That yellow 💛 will always mean so much to so many people.
Sweatshop Castleford was always going to close sometime, and it was always going to be a sad time when it did, but every single runner who were a part of the #yellowarmy over the nine or so years there will have a mountain of memories from the runs, the friendships, the achievements, and the millions of miles covered in that time.

Thank you

Thank you to all of you who have been part of this time together. All of us are better off having this as part of our running journey and personal adventures in life. It’s easy to make certain people who have been influential in our own runs but I would rather thank everyone who ever pulled on the yellow shirt. You’re all a part of running history in the area and in many lives.
Well done and keep on running, and keep on achieving. 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃‍♀️😍

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