End of the road for long distance running and me

Smiles after the miles

No more long distance runs

Smiles after the miles
Smiles after the miles – but just 6.2 of them!

I have made the decision to retire from long distance running. I’ve not run further than 10k since October 2019 and now have health issues that have made me address the likelihood of returning to a reasonable level.

End of the long roads

After 24 half marathons, 5 full marathons, and a super-sprint triathlon, I think it is best to be grateful for all I have achieved at those levels and not keep setting myself targets beyond my new capabilities.

My fitness now is a greater challenge than it has been in the past and more work is needed to achieve even lesser targets nowadays. By now setting the furthest distance at 10k then I can be more realistic in my plans and training.

Marathons are a very long way to run!
Marathons are a very long way to run!

Great memories

I still remember the feeling I had lining up for my very first half marathon – the Great North Run in 2013. The atmosphere was like nothing I had ever experienced in the past and will live with me forever.

Lining up at the Yorkshire Marathon in 2019 for my final marathon was also a memory that is imprinted for life. The support from friends from Sweatshop and parkrun when I was finding the final few miles hard certainly helped me get to the line but I should have reviewed then what a more realistic distance should be. That distance is up to and including 10k.

See - 10ks are enjoyable!
See – 10ks are enjoyable!

The Next Episode!

That old ability level is no more. Those days are gone. I will still be at those events wherever possible on the sidelines cheering friends and other runners on. The long distance running shoes may be being retired but the love of race day remains as strong just now in a different role.

So, it’s not the end of the road completely, just the end of the long roads. This gives me a renewed hope to rediscover social running again.

As Dr Dre said ‘I hope you’re ready for The Next Episode’. 

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