Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow

Monday is ‘Motivate Me’ day. It is a day when many people feel the need for the metaphorical jump leads to get them going at the start of the new week. It doesn’t help when it is cold outside, when it’s a long day ahead, or if you’re generally feeling a bit run down.

Each Monday, I will be bringing a few words together to help ease the Monday Misery and help you to get motivated. I am calling this Motivate Me as it’s about sharing ways that you can do this for yourself to make the most of your day.

When we wake up, we often think that things are bad, that there is too much going on, or that we have daunting tasks in front of us. That’s not a nice feeling. It’s what reduces our get up and go. It’s demoralising.

Our fear or dead of what lies ahead diminishes our ability to handle stresses or issues that crop up. Fearing situations isn’t helpful. Someone once told me that in each situation, our desired outcomes should be that we either win or we learn.

If we don’t learn from something, then we are going to feel bad. Learning on how we could handle something differently, or seeing what actions could reduce the likelihood of it happening again are key things to development and growth.

A mindset of learning helps us to handle future issues better. It helps us have the toolset inside us to know what works, what doesn’t, and what approach to take. Having that open mind to be able to see the bigger picture is an enabler to handling scenarios better in future.

My one tip for Motivate Me today is to have an open mind on problems, to open up to what you could learn from issues that crop up. What could I do differently next time to get a better outcome? Having that clarity and positivity will help.

Have a great Monday.

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