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Rich at Scarborough

When you need that extra boost, do something about it!

Rich at Scarborough
Rich at Scarborough
I’m in one of my happy places today – Scarborough. Finding somewhere you can be calm, relaxed, and in a happy environment is such an important thing and this is something I have found so important this last year. 🙂
This upcoming week sees the one year anniversary of a relationship breakup, and the year since then has seen me rediscover who I am, what I want, who I want to spend time with, where I want to spend my spare time, and to make the most of who I am and who I know.
I’m not one for looking back on negative events unless there are lessons that can learned and applied to the future.
I’m quite an introspective person and often try and evaluate x or y, (sometimes too much!), but especially so when it can see personal growth or development opportunities for me. 📚
Whilst I am often seen with a smile on the outside, it isn’t there 24/7 on the inside as with everyone else, and certainly hasn’t been for me in the past, but I’m now prioritising better to enable the inner smile more often and most of the time now it is beaming bright and wide due to changes I have made in the last year.
I’m now in one of my happy places, feeling happy inside, and hopeful of the future ahead. It is only when you’ve been to the depths of the valleys that you fully appreciate the views from the tops of the hills! ⛰

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