A good manager vs a bad manager

Good and bad managers

What makes a good manager? What makes a bad manager?

Many managers are very busy. Many managers have a lot to do in not much time. Many managers have a lot on their plate. Good managers realise that the staff in their team can help. A good team can help everyone achieve. What traits and attributes do we recognise in people who we have experienced as good managers? What skills and attitudes do we want to emulate and to develop ourselves? On the flip side, what traits and attributes do we recognise that appall us? What facets and attitudes turn us off in the workplace?

Management and leadership
Management and leadership

I have listed ten points for each manager – the good manager and the bad manager. Have a look and let me know what you think.

A good manager

  • Speaks to their staff as an adult speaks to an adult
  • Gives their staff autonomy to get on and do their work
  • Encourages and supports their staff during difficulties and struggles
  • Listens
  • Discusses differences of opinion with reason and explanations
  • Finds time to help you work out problems
  • Believes in their team and in the individuals in it
  • Leads
  • Makes staff want to stay
  • Helps their team to grow as individuals and together
Good and bad managers
Good and bad managers

A bad manager

  • Speaks to their staff as an adult speaks to a child
  • Has to be involved at every step of the way
  • Sees difficulties and struggles as a weakness
  • Will at best hear, but not listen
  • Tells their staff member that they are wrong and not to argue
  • Doesn’t make themselves available as they are ‘too busy’
  • Believes in themselves and in their own leadership
  • Directs
  • Makes staff want to leave
  • Holds people back as they are the only one that matters

Please let me know what you think about this? Keep it positive though, tell me what skills and attitudes you like in a good manager.

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