Heal the pain

Heal The Pain
“Be good to yourself,
‘Cause nobody else
Has the power to make you happy.”
These words from George Michael’s 1991 song ‘Heal The Pain’ have spoken strongly to me this last few weeks. We need to be kind to ourselves and not allow external influences that aren’t helpful to us to get in the way of finding out what is good and what isn’t for us.
Life is an extremely diverse and widely ranging experience and through this we can often be tempted towards bright lights, exciting prospects, and things that aren’t what we need, though we may want.
Learning to accept what we WANT or think we want isn’t always what we NEED is a massive hurdle to progression and advancement in how we think.
It’s also a massive achievement when we learn to recognise this. It’s an exciting development when we think deeper about stuff like this.
Here’s to hoping for a greater insight into this area for me in the coming months, and anyone else who needs greater clarity in their decision making.
George was right – nobody else has the power to make you happy. Here’s to us helping ourselves find out how.

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