How I get motivated

Self motivation
Self motivation
Self motivation

Some people may be seeking some kind of inspiration and lift to help them take on a challenge, a tricky situation or something they want to get done. Here are a couple of ways that I get motivated.

Look back

One way to do this is to look back at situations you’ve been in the past where you’ve achieved what you want. By seeing that you CAN achieve, it can reignite that fire inside you to go and do it again.

When you’re looking for work, you try and put across your transferable skills. Why don’t we do this outside of work? If you’ve achieved something in the past, why don’t you look to see what helped you there too? By having a mindset of using your ‘transferable abilities’, you can have that confidence inside you that means you go into it with a new belief and ability to perform higher.

Look at others achieving

Another way is to look at others who are achieving. One thing I enjoy about watching sporting tournaments is seeing the joy and ecstasy on the faces of goalscorers and their teammates when they score. Seeing a team of cricketers flock to the bowler when they take a key wicket is a great sight. When a cyclist crosses the line and throws their arms into the air whilst looking to the skies feeling on top of the world.

These are all examples we can get a lift from. Seeing others achieve and seeing the effect it has on them is something we can lift and use to inspire us. Do we want to feel like that? Have we been in that moment in the past? Doesn’t it feel goooood?!

Seeing those faces and the togetherness of a team celebrating as one is something that I really enjoy in sport. We all love a good story and sport provides this for us. We all like to see those moments. The challenge for us all is to transfer that special moment into personal motivation. Let’s get that feeling for ourselves. Let’s believe that we can and we will put the work in for that one moment in time for ourselves.

Go for it!

Think of a goal. Set that target. Work hard. Have that moment in your head and use it, remember it, remind yourself of it again, then go and claim that moment for yourself.

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