I’m too busy to deal with this!

King Philip 11 of Spain

King Philip II of Spain

King Philip II of Spain often would write long responses to questions, sent to him by officials, saying that he didn’t have time to deal with it. Often these ranting responses would be up to four pages long, taking 15 minutes or more to write by hand.
King Philip 11 of Spain
A letter from King Philip II of Spain from 1575
When people are very busy, the temptation for some is to spend more time saying how much work they have to do, and not to utilise their time more efficiently.
I have seen many times that some people will talk a lot about how much they have to do, but don’t use their time well enough to plan how they are going to tackle it.

Being aware

Being aware of how much you have to do is important, but planning how you are going to deliver it is vital to completing tasks of projects in the required time.
Communicating your workload does play a part but the message comes across better when you say how you are prioritising and managing your work, rather than just complaining how much there is to do.

I don’t have time to plan

I have heard people say they don’t have enough time to plan and that they have too much to do. Sometimes you need to invest time to bring calm to the landscape, which brings a suitable environment where you can achieve much more in a state of order. When you have multiple spinning plates, you don’t just focus on the nearest plate, you still need to look wider and consider the other spinning plates at the same time.
Having this greater aspect of vision and order will enable you to tackle more, achieve more and succeed much more. You can still communicate how much you have achieved as well as how much more there is still left to do.

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