In the office it is warmer than usual

Hot weather

Warmer than usual

I work in an office. I get there by going by car and by train. At the moment, it is warm. Warmer than usual. The office when I get to work is warmer than usual too. In the offices, people say how warm it is. And it is. It is definitely warmer than usual. They are right.

Hot in the office
Hot in the office

Some people work elsewhere. They have jobs that are a lot more physical. They have jobs that require great strength and physicality that my job does not.

Doing their work takes a lot more to deal with much more of the year that my job doesn’t. When it is cold, they may not be able to work outdoors because of the weather. When it is wet, they may not be able to work at all. When it is warm, they may want to work more, but it is a lot harder to do so, due to it being so very warm. Warmer than usual.

Different jobs

We all do different jobs. They all require different skills and different abilities. I firmly believe that we need to think of other people and the difficulties they have and endure in their line of work. Yes, it is warm in the office. But it is nothing compared to those who work in different environments where their livelihoods and incomes and physical stamina is affected by the weather and the world around us. Much more than it affects me in my job.

It is warm. Warmer than usual. But let’s think of others too for whom it is warmer, warmer than we even know about. And when it is wet, wetter than usual, it is wetter than we could cope with. When it is cold, colder than usual, it is colder than we could cope with.


I take my hat off to those who work in those environments, you as ever have my utmost respect for doing what you do in all weathers. It is something that I and many, many others just could not even cope with for one day.

Hot weather
Hot weather for workers

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