Inactivity gets us nowhere

Inactivity gets us nowhere
Inactivity gets us nowhere
Inactivity gets us nowhere
Inactivity literally gets us nowhere. In a world that is fast-moving, where even moving slowly can see us moving backward, we really need to be on our game, and actively making progress. What’s he on about now? Well, let’s break this down into some examples…
If at work, you are plodding along doing your job, getting things done, there will always be someone somewhere who is more enthusiastic about going further, achieving more. They question why you should settle for x when you can have y?
If when you’re running, you are ticking along completing your regular runs each week, there will always be someone who has a slight advantage by training smarter, thinking ahead, and improving quickly.
If at home, you’re planning on mowing the lawn another day as you’re a bit tired, but on the day you planned to mow the lawn it rains and you have to leave it longer.

Why? Many reasons!

Inactivity sees us slip behind. There may be a whole backlog of reasons why, but sometimes if we want to move forwards and not slip behind we have to change our schedule and mindset appropriately. That may mean mowing the lawn on your lunchbreak if you see the forecast isn’t great later on. It may mean choosing a different run route or running group session to push yourself harder. It may mean upping your game at work to achieve more in your worktime so as to maximise what is possible. It may mean working with other people to be more efficient and productive.
There are so many ways where doing the minimum, or doing what we feel we need to do to get by will get us so far, but will it push us on? Will it keep us from sliding backward? It isn’t easy. No real progress ever is. Inactivity gets us nowhere. Ticking along gets us nowhere fast. Sometimes the pace needs to be upped. The challenge needs to be set to us. Prioritising and scheduling are ideal tools to help us up our game. By planning what we can commit to we can ensure that we increase our performance levels.
Sitting back and complaining isn’t going to change things either. You can’t get others to change life for you. You have to get up and do things yourself and with others. You can’t complain that life isn’t fair if you aren’t being fair yourself.

Get on up. Let’s do this!

It is very easy to sit back and say what needs to be done but if you aren’t contributing yourself, is that right? Isn’t that another example of how inactivity gets us nowhere?
Contribution gets us places. Involvement gets us places. Cooperation gets us places. Being enthusiastic gets us places. Caring enough to do something gets us places.
Inactivity literally gets us nowhere. Let’s be active. Let’s go somewhere with this and let’s enjoy the journey on the way. Come on, stand up, let’s do this!
Who’s in?

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