Investing this time wisely

Investing your time
Investing your time
Investing your time

Many people are working from home now or have a lot more time at home than they normally do. How do we look to use this wisely? Here are a few ideas of small things that can make a difference long term.

  1. Unsubscribe to any emails that you aren’t interested in. Each week we get dozens and dozens of emails we don’t even open. They range from ones we had to register our details once to buy something to forums we were once interested in but aren’t anymore. If we don’t read emails from the same people time after time, unsubscribe and then you save time not having to delete them 50-100 times a year. 
  2. Tidy up your home working area so that you have your optimal working environment. Do you imagine your ideal desk setup? Do you wish you had the time to pull the wires out and start a new design for your workstation at home? Now is the time to get that screen at the right height for your eyes. Now is the time to position your keyboard and mouse just right so that you aren’t reaching too far. Now is the time to have things in the right place and to tidy away things that aren’t needed. You’ll feel much happier about your work with the right desk set up. 
  3. Throw out anything in your home that you’ve not used in the last three years. I confess that this is a desire rather than something I have actioned so far! Obviously the anything doesn’t mean everything. There are things that you haven’t used or even looked at for years on end. You can and do without them. Chances are you wouldn’t miss them if you threw them out. I have been ‘making do’ with a pair of probably twenty-year-old computer speakers that only just work. They took up loads of space and crackled and weren’t very reliable. I replaced them for smaller ones and felt much better. 
  4. Look to see what you can list for sale online on eBay. There are books that I have read that I won’t read again. There are gadgets that I haven’t used for years. There are football shirts that might be wanted by someone even though they don’t fit me anymore. You could make money from effectively ridding yourself of your unwanted things. 
  5. Write a plan of what you want to achieve each month. One task a month is a good thing to aim for to start with. You could decide on something in the house or garden you want to work on. Often we have a long list of things that need doing, but don’t have the time to get started on them. Now is a good time to at least planning what could be done step by step. 
  6. Complete some online training. There are lots of different offerings online that could help you develop as a person, help your career at work, or learn something new like maybe sign language or photography. There is so much to learn from YouTube as well as free courses from online training companies. 
  7. Contact friends that you’ve not spoken to in ages. Social media usage goes up when people aren’t as work as often. A lot of it is inane uselessness though. Why not spend some of this time to send messages to people you’ve not spoken to for a while? How about setting yourself a challenge of speaking to one person from your yesteryears each week. In two months that is eight or nine people you’ve reacquainted yourself with. It will lift your spirits and make others feel good too. 
  8. Have some time for yourself. This is an important one. No doubt you are helping your family and helping other people out around you. You should also remember to help yourself too. What do you want to do? What has been on your own personal to-do list? Have you been wanting to finish that book off? Have you wanted to do some work in the garden? Have you wanted to organise your photos on your phone? You need to find time for you. Maybe catch up on a boxset that only you in your household wants to watch. It’s important we look after number one too. You can’t keep topping up other people’s levels if your levels are running empty.

Stay safe. Take care. Look after yourself and one another. 


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