Is there something missing?

Is there something missing?
Sometimes it’s possible to feel like despite all your achievements, all your connections, and all your inner built positivity that there is something missing.
It’s a feeling where you feel like everyone else is doing stuff and you’re not. Now obviously this isn’t the case but you still feel left out.
It’s a feeling where you could do something about it as it’s just a thought rather than a reality. You know you could pick up the phone you’re browsing on getting more downhearted and message or ring someone you know to suggest plans. You know you could spark conversation or engage others with your usual chit chat. You know that there are 1001 things you could be doing that would make you feel good.
You know there are things you’ve actually turned down that you could be doing already!
Something still feels missing, even though others look to you and see how much stuff you do that they like the look of. Others look to you and say they’d like the chance to have the kind of experiences you have. Others look to you and wish they had the wide reach you have to reach out to, should you wish to.
So when we think of all this, we need to have a word with ourselves and get a greater perspective, and make a change. Send a message. Reach out to someone you’ve not spoken to for ages. Do something you’ve wanted to do for ages but haven’t got round to. How we feel a lot of the time can be influenced by what we do. We may think we aren’t doing anything or are missing out on something, but when we take stock, we often aren’t.
We are rich in our opportunities but poor in our actions. We are rich in our reach but poor at connecting outwards. We are rich in our options but poor in our decisiveness.
When we feel like we are missing out, or that something is missing, we self pity and think it is us that are missing out, when really we have a greater opportunity to make choices, take decisions, think of plans, get stuff done, reach out to others, do something new, and to realise that all this comes from within and not from others. That gift is within us.
So when the world seems a little quiet, treat yourself with savouring the moment, thinking about the opportunities, imagine what you can do yourself, and be the enabler you need for yourself.

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