It’s good to share – help spread the happiness

Sharing posts

It’s good to share – help spread the happiness!

We like to share and enjoy telling people about the positive experiences that we encounter, making our recommendations known and letting others know about the places we like or the services we receive or the articles we read.

This could be the holidays we have been on, the restaurants we have eaten at, music gigs we have been to, books we have read or services and products we have received in a shop.

Why do we do this?

Part of this is wanting others to experience the same feelings that we have done, passing that happiness and satisfaction for others to experience too. Another part of it is helping out those who have given us that service or experience by recommending them to someone else.

This is often a set of feelings when we want to share our own positive feeling with friends and family, to thank those who have made us feel good, and also the warm feeling inside we get by helping others.

Sharing posts
Sharing posts helps reach more people

How does Facebook work?

A Facebook post doesn’t automatically get seen by all of your friends when you post something on there. It depends amongst other reasons on who is online at the time, how much traffic is being posted at the same time, and other unspecified algorithms that Facebook doesn’t let the world know about for their own commercial sensitivities. The ‘reach’ that pages and posts get increases every time someone LIKES or SHARES the post. The more people that do this, the wider the audience reach becomes for that post. It can make the world of difference to a post. The more you like or share someone’s page or posts, the wider that status update will get.

I like to share people’s posts on Facebook and retweet them on Twitter for a variety of reasons:

I like to support local businesses, especially self-employed people. Their work is so much more difficult than many like me who work set hours for a set wage. Their business success is determined by each of their decisions each day at work, that’s a massive commitment and pressure that many of us wouldn’t know where to start with.

I like to support creative people, such as musicians, bands, artists, writers, etc.. I think it is important to appreciate the effort and hard work that they put in for other people to enjoy. These skills and talents are there for us to enjoy in our leisure time and for us to make the most of.

I also like to support those who are doing what they can to help develop people, through education, motivation, encouragement and support structures.

When people say it is good to share, they are right. Sharing these people’s work and talents helps them, it helps others find out about their work, their creative outputs, and about positive experiences that others could be having too. It also helps us too, knowing we are spreading that positivity and support to other people.

When a small business, creative talent, or someone offering support or encouragement posts something on social media, please also support them by expanding their reach by clicking SHARE or RETWEET. It makes such a difference to each of those groups, and you can feel good about this small but valuable contribution too.

Spread the happiness, as it is good to share!

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