It’s ok to… while running.

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Hi everyone, I am half way through a run at the moment. I just wanted to have a quick chat to say a few things about what I am thinking about running.

So a few things that it is ok to do:

It is ok to… stop and have a rest,

It is ok to… walk some if you need to

It is ok to… not try and keep up with those in front

It is ok to… slow down and run with those behind you

It is ok to… change the route and go less far

All these are ok, it doesn’t mean you are less of a runner. It doesn’t mean anything like that whatsoever. It is your run. You do what you need to do. So you need to enjoy your energy. You need to make sure what you are doing is right for you at the moment. So use your time well. If you want to do something different with you run, do it. It doesn’t matter what someone else has done earlier or someone is going faster than you. It doesn’t matter. Just do your run. Ok. Byeee!

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