July? Already?!

Reading a book

It can’t be the second half of the year yet!

July has landed so six months gone of 2020 already.

It hasn’t been the greatest of six months for many reasons for many people. There has been great sadness, worry, and anxiety across the world, and the end isn’t too near for us.

One thing I believe is that our past doesn’t have to rule our future. What happened in the past is that. It is in the past. It has happened. We can’t do anything about it now. What we can do is use our present day time wisely to try and make a better future.

Living in the past

Living in the past is a phrase that describes people who don’t want to move on. They don’t accept progress or change. In many ways though, the past had such a simpler way about it. I understand people missing the simplicity, the easier less busy way of life. We were less lazy, relied less on technology and more on our brains, used our feet more often than motor vehicles, and talked more face to face rather than tapping out replies on a device.

There is much about the past that we value and appreciate that doesn’t have to be left behind, but can be used as a guide with the benefit of modern-day advancements. If we felt we read more then than now, we can make the time for that. If we felt we used to walk more places then than now, then that is in our control to retain that or to bring back again. If we want to have more conversations with people, then create the time to ring someone up or have a video call or go and see them where you can safely. It seems crazy that we have more ways to communicate but we ‘don’t get round to it’.

What have you learnt?

Looking back should be a learning exercise. We can learn what we liked. We can learn what we don’t want to repeat. We can learn what we want as part of our life going forwards. We only grow and develop if we learn from our lived experiences.

When people say that six months of the year have gone already, why not use it as an opportunity to review all the good things you have done through the change in life we have had to take on? Have you exercised more? Have you had more catch-up calls with friends? Have you listened more to others/ Have you had time to read more of your favourite relaxing books? Have you made different life choices like shopping local? Have you watched more educational videos on YouTube and learned more? There is so much positive that has happened in the last six months that we sometimes overlook.

What next?

Here’s to the next six months of 2020 – a further six months of opportunities, new adventures, using the past to determine what we want going into the future.

Remember your past and use your present to build your future!

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