Knowing someone is thinking of you

Christmas Cards

Call me crazy but giving Christmas Cards is a good thing that brings joy to others and emphasises it is the season to give than to receive.

Some people need reminders that others are thinking of them. Some people aren’t online. Some people are working so many long hours. Some people are on their own. Some people are not on their own but may feel alone.

Knowing someone is thinking of you with a caring heart is a great gift this Christmas. I understand that charities are welcome receivers of donations this time of year, but equally we all need the gift of friendship and we shouldn’t forget those who would appreciate that token gesture of care.

The two aren’t exclusive. If you can spare the time, send a card to those who aren’t online, aren’t with others, or need a boost somehow. They WILL appreciate you caring.

You could be key to helping someone having a happier Christmas.

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