Leadership is about ideas, right?


We all have ideas of what we would do if we were in charge, right?

We all have, what we think are better ideas of how we would get things done, right?

We all know what others should be doing and should know they’re doing, right?


Well, even if all those are true, doing them is a completely different ball game!

Having ideas, having plans, having amazing scenarios dreamt up, they’re all great to have, but can you deliver them?


There are several types of people – those who complain about what others should be doing, and those who crack on and do what needs doing!

Sometimes, but not often, those complaining are doing from a position of knowledge. More often than not, they are doing it from a position of just complaining!

If you have ideas that you think would benefit an organisation or group, you need not only the skills to deliver, but you also need the opportunity to showcase them.


Sometimes the opportunity isn’t there so some people will take a back seat.

Sometimes the opportunity is there but without the right level of backing or mutual trust so some people choose to step away.

Sometimes, events happen at the right time, creating a more ideal opportunity.


Stepping up to take on board new responsibilities takes energy, commitment, and empathetic people skills.

Stepping up and telling people what to do and how you want it to be done is one thing, but it’s not leadership.

Stepping up and creating an environment where people can contribute and be involved, that’s leadership.


What are the greatest skills of leadership? Knowing what you want to do? Getting things done? Continuing what you’ve done before?

I would suggest that having ideas and getting people to participate is more management than leadership.

Leadership involves listening, hearing, sensing, negotiating, pitching ideas, putting yourself in others shoes, creating space for people to contribute, encouraging, coaching, and guiding.


Having the right skillset is one thing, passionate delivery is one thing, having the right scenario of backing and mutual trust is another. When all these combine, you’re at an advantage.  


We rise by lifting others
We rise by lifting others

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