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I have worked for NHS Digital for the last eight years. Prior to this, I had an enjoyable seven years at an out-of-hours GP co-operative service, and before that a couple of internal sales roles in the private sector, after I had started my working life with seven years at Royal Mail

You can read more about each of these roles and my achievements below as well as my training, qualifications and professional memberships on this page. 

NHS Digital (2010-present)

NHS Digital
NHS Digital, Leeds
  • Carrying out visits to stakeholders nationwide holidng conversations and fact-finding visits as part of an impact assessment into changing how data collections could be changed to reduce duplication and burden for hospital trusts across England. 
  • Part of the 6-strong Challenge Burden Service (CBS) team who have become ISO 9001:2015 Certified. This involved designing and documenting processes, presenting at audits, and ensuring that we met requirements in the delivery of our workstreams.
  • In the CBS team, I was responsible for carrying out investigations into duplication or reviewing unnecessary data point requests within data collections and trying to get agreement from data collection owners into reviewing or amending their requirements.
  • Planned a delivered a strategy where 500 colleagues were allocated Career Managers. This involved collating user needs, requirements gathering, liaison and negotiation, documenting specifications, resolving queries, data cleansing, creating functionality and implementation.
  • Career Manager for 6 members of staff, mentoring and encouraging them, seeing improvements and growth in them. Helped resolve issues in their performances and managed the process of resolving difficulties and personality clashes in assignments.
  • Carried out Discovery work for the NHS.UK team on searching for and registering with a new local GP surgery. This led to functionality being used in the new NHS App enabling patients to have greater involvement with accessing care and health services.
  • As Scrum Master for the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES), I coordinated all data extractions and enabled the team of Business Analysts to deliver through Sprints and kept Kanban boards updated.
  • Managed the GPES contract process with external suppliers and communicated with stakeholders to ensure that progress was being made at sufficient pace, and that all contracts were adhered to.

In NHS Digital, I have been a Project Manager, Business Support Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master and other Agile Project Management roles in the eight years I have been in the organisation, meeting the business needs of each assignment.

I am currently working on a project team developing an impact assessment of the way that data is collected from hospital trusts and how it could be done more efficiently reducing duplication in data collections. This has involved site visits to external stakeholders to seek their views and listen to their local configuration setups and hear about their clinical systems. 

I previously managed a project where I allocated career managers to 500 members of the organisation’s Business and Operational Delivery profession. This meant working with effectively a 500-piece human jigsaw with all kinds of different needs and preferences.

I delivered this project well and was praised for my effectiveness at managing upwards as well as getting the job done. To do this involved collating user needs, requirements gathering, liaison and negotiation, documenting specifications, resolving queries, data cleansing, creating functionality and implementing the final product.

Working as effectively an Agile Project Manager for the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) I carried out the roles of Product Owner and Scrum Master on behalf of the Delivery Manager. I coordinated all data extractions keeping them to schedule by leading the team through agile sprints and seeking updates from daily stand-ups with the analysts / developers and keeping the team Kanban whiteboards updated. I managed the contracts process with suppliers and communicated with stakeholders to ensure that progress was being made at pace.

As part of the team that designed the specifications for the GPES system, I provided input into the user interface and how the system needed to operate. This system went on to carry out the first ever automated extraction of GP practice data which led to payments being calculated then and since then for the 7800 practices across the country.

Wolverhampton Doctors On Call (2004-2010)

Wolverhampton Doctors On Call
Wolverhampton Doctors On Call, Phoenix Health Centre, Wolverhampton
  • Led the Technical Links programme as we connected digitally with the local ambulance trust, NHS Direct, and other local GP Out of Hours service providers. This removed the need for faxing between organisations and enabled a joined-up tech solution for the region of 1 million patients.
  • Implemented a schedule for presenting monthly quality statistics to commissioners. This led to improved insight into our performance and brought about increased standards in our service delivery which led to patients receiving care sooner and in the most appropriate location.
  • Took responsibility during the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic for the daily collating and submission of statistics to our providers. This led to consistent monitoring of the drug dispensing during this period.
  • I saved the equivalent of my own salary in efficiency savings after identifying areas where money could be saved through rota alterations and monitoring consultation changeover times.

I worked for Wolverhampton Doctors On Call (WDOC) for the best part of seven years, and really enjoyed making a difference in a not-for-profit organisation. The work I did was an IT Analyst / Project Manager. My duties ranged from producing performance statistics and measuring them against National Quality Standards, presenting the findings to our commissioners, conducting patient satisfaction surveys, and implementing service change to increase efficiency, reduce time delays, and to improve our effectiveness at delivering a service for patients.

Internal Sales roles – (1998-2004)

  • I worked in a number of Internal Sales roles after leaving Royal Mail.
  • I was motivated by working with customers to quote for their requirements and to get that buzz of winning the business.
  • I enjoyed keeping records of my success rates and identifying areas where we as an organisation could be more competitive with certain customers and look to improve the working relationship with some to ensure we got the business whenever we could.

Royal Mail – (1991-1998)

Royal Mail Wolverhampton

Royal Mail Wolverhampton

  • I left school at 16 after being offered a position of Postal Cadet at Royal Mail in Wolverhampton, before progressing to Postman Higher Grade, responsible for sorting all mail for the Mid-South postal area and working as a Coder (entering postcodes so that the machines could sort the letters).
  • After six years there, I moved for a year to live with some friends in the North West, where I worked in Chester and lived in Liverpool. 

Whilst I was working for Royal Mail, I delivered a postal round in several different areas, manually sorted letters and packets, learned to type and become a coder where I would type in the postcodes for the machines to add the dots on the letters (remember those?) for the machines to sort them for distribution. I worked all the shifts available – earlies, lates, nights, and did as much as I could to learn as much of the business as possible.

Training / Qualifications

  • Working Level for Product Managers – GDS (Government Digital Services) – 2019
  • Applied Scrum for Project Management – EDX – 2019
  • ISO9001:2015 Requirements – BSI – 2018
  • Managing extremely difficult behaviours – ACAS – 2017/18
  • Coaching skills for managers – CSL – 2017
  • MS Excel 2010 Advanced – QA – 2017
  • Agile and Scrum Awareness – CSL – 2016
  • Introduction to User Research – GDS – 2016
  • Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner – CSL – 2015
  • Project Fundamentals – APM – 2015
  • ITIL v3 Foundation Certificate in Service Management – 2014
  • BCS Foundation in Business Analysis – 2014
  • Diploma in Management – CMI – 2007-2009

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