Overwhelmed with support given recently

Thank You

I am one lucky so and so! 

Thank You
Thank you

Wow, I really have been overwhelmed with such amazing support recently. I must give a really big thank you to everyone who has been with me throughout the journey – either all year or more recently. Your care and love has been so uplifting. 

From not knowing whether I would be able to run properly again, through getting back to 5k, and then running last weekend’s 10k race – this has been a heck of a humbling experience knowing that so many people have my back. But this was more than about running. This was about becoming me again. The comments, messages, hugs, and cheers have turned me into a much more appreciative person and more aware of how many kind people care about me – not just about my performance running but my general wellbeing too. 

I have written an e-book that is out any day now that tries to get some of my thoughts together and to address some of the problems encountered, but not in a self-indulgent way, but more of a what can I learn from this, and what advice and takeaways (non-edible kind!) can be learnt from the experiences that I have encountered during the last year. 

Someone said it wasn’t just about ‘rescuing Rich’, it was about ‘bringing him back to who he knows he can be’, which I thought was a really nice way of looking at it. We can all do so much of the latter with others we know and care for. Look out for the e-book as it goes into much more detail. 

Thank you to everyone, and here’s to a better future for one and all! xx

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