Parliament’s Super Saturday

Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament

Super Saturday – Today, Parliament are sitting for only the fourth time since 1939, with the last time being 1982 at the break out of the Falklands War.

When weekday workers have to work the occasional Saturday, it’s a bit of a culture shock and they see it as a completely different day.

Here are some examples that I have experienced or witnessed that we could see in Parliament today.

1. Everyone dresses down. Gone are the shirts, ties and jackets. You get to see how bad at dressing themselves some people actually are, and the least we say about their sense of style the better!

2. Someone will bring in a radio. They will invariably put on Heart FM. Some of the younger workers will want something a bit less middle of the road. Some will have a headache all day. Some will talk over every song that is played. It is yet to be discovered whether the addition of a radio actually helps the work.

3. If you’re not in by a certain time then you miss the ‘sandwich order’. Someone will always want something not on the menu and try and defend themselves that they’re not just being fussy. There is one person whose job it is to get the orders and to make sure it is rang through to the sandwich shop. One person will be allocated the task of going to fetch the sandwiches. This is usually someone dispensable and may be their only reason they were asked to go in that day.

4. Some try and express their individuality and personality more on a Saturday than they do during the week. You see a different walk to them. They tell stories about their exciting lives that you know are either not true or are vastly scaled up from reality. But it’s Saturday and isn’t he a great bloke!

5. There will always be someone who comes in late and say they thought it was all starting an hour later.

6. Some will run out of the door at the end of the work day desperate to get back to their much more important plans they had for the day like sitting at home reading the paper or watching some sport on TV. This is the most they’ve moved all day.

7. By the time Monday comes round, they are all complaining they’ve had no weekend and that they had to work on Saturday morning. Secretly they actually enjoyed it and wished everyday at work was like that.

8. Not much actual work gets done. The excitement of everyone being in the office together on a different day takes over everything and they forget what they are actually there for so just try and make the most of it by having a laugh.

Parliament sits from 9.30am today and the House of Lords sits from 10.00am.


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