Some days it just don’t happen

Sometimes it just doesn't happen
Right now doesn't mean never
Right now doesn’t mean never!

Today’s race is one to put in the past, it wasn’t one I would like to remember too long, but I think it’s important to try and look for any lessons that can be learned from experience.

Having a few injury niggles and pains creep up on the run, the ever so hot temperature and a recently found feeling of accepting the urge to give up and walk certainly put the dampener on events.

Whilst injuries happen and there’s isn’t much that can be done to avoid some of them, and whilst it should be no surprise that it’s warm when it’s sunny, I need to get a grip of why the demons try and slow me down to a walking pace prematurely.

Some days, it just doesn't happen!
Some days, it just doesn’t happen!

My race preparation wasn’t the greatest and the race numbers issues certainly didn’t help ease things. Sometimes sidelining the stresses is harder than initially anticipated. Not sleeping well affects me a heck of a lot and if I don’t feel fully replenished I struggle to be on my normal levels, let alone try and push boundaries. Turning up grumpy certainly didn’t help!

My PBs for 5k and 10k have both been assisted by running with a PB mentor guiding me to a new fastest time. My actual solo run times are significantly slower, and whilst I know that it was my hard work that got those fast runs with another person spurring me on, I’m still some way to go to get a faster regular speed on my own.

The first step there is to put less pressure and expectation on myself. I think that while I would love to be someone who thrives under pressure, that’s not who I am. I’ve achieved a heck of a lot and I don’t undervalue the massive leaps and bounds that I’ve achieved, but sometimes need to regain control and learn to relax more.

The next 12 weeks are going to be difficult and I am under no illusion of that. Marathon training will hopefully push me to new things other than running long distances. Learning to keep a hold of what is current and relevant and sidelining non-relevant issues and stresses will become more important with each run.

Well here’s to smilier times and better runs in the future. Running isn’t all physical, as much as it isn’t all about the actual time-space of the run. Onwards and upwards, machine reboot and back at it again next time.

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