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I have been fortunate enough to enjoy working along some very good people during my sporting past, both in my time in Wolverhampton and when I moved back to Yorkshire. Here are some of the comments and testimonials of players I played alongside, coached and managed. 

  • Pete, Cornwall – In my time with Wolverhampton Wizards, I found Richard’s management style very good. As a player, I found that the organisation of games and associated activities whether before, during, or after was always very good and we didn’t really want for anything. His passion for the game was superb and it really showed in our playing as we all enjoyed being part of the team and Richard always made sure we were happy and consulted on everything that needed be. His coaching style was engageable, fun, and efficient, and our results really mirrored his love for the game. As a coach myself now, I know the importance of player engagement and variety in training methods to achieve maximum player effort. Richard achieved this brilliantly. I enjoyed my time with Wolverhampton Wizards and the support that was given both on and off the pitch.

  • George, Walsall – You were infectiously enthusiastic about rugby league and about getting people into the game and you obviously had a really good knowledge of the game. Man management was good, you seemed to know how to encourage people and were good at knowing when to give people responsibility and ownership of what was going on. They were good days. I had some really good experiences. It would be interesting to see how those players developed as there were some definitely you thought could become decent players.

  • Chris, Gloucester – I always held you in high regard and implored your effort, strength, and determination. Your background management was outstanding, almost where there was no need for almost personable interaction. Almost the unsung hero! But a massive positive for me!

    Your knowledge of the game was exceptional. I cannot fault your dedication and persistence in getting things to where they did. A true gent with a heart of gold! An asset to any club, team, or establishment.

  • Mike, Hull – As regards the setting up of Wolverhampton Warlords, I think you did some things very well. Rather better than John and myself in some areas. I am still unaware as to how you recruited the players whilst we struggled. Where we bought badges from the Wolverhampton Information shop and sewed them on shirts you approached the council directly and gained formal recognition both for yourself and your club. Wolverhampton Wizards should have beaten you to it. Indeed the whole point of having previously played under the Wolverhampton Borough moniker was to put down a marker as the pre-eminent Rugby League club in the area and create an obstacle to other clubs setting up locally. Sadly, we didn’t go far enough.

  • Craig, Bridgnorth – Richard was motivational with the younger members of the team – patient, forgiving, and motivational to the new players in the team. I was able to galvanise the club regardless of politics and any difficulties we saw as a new start-up. He commanded respect and gave time to those that needed it, but was able to have a drink with the team as one of the lads when it was necessary. An all-round team player – and an all-round good bloke.

  • Craig, Wolverhampton – I was coached by Rich when I first started playing Rugby League. When I joined his team, I had never played before and was a complete beginner but that never deterred Rich. Not only did he coach me the basic skills but he also had to teach me the rules! Rich was experienced and enthusiastic and the foundations he laid down with me went on to prove pivotal. When Rich moved back up north, I moved to play for Telford Raiders’ first team where I won 2 Midland Conference titles as well as being a runner-up. One season I also made appearances for the GB Fire Service team. None of this would have been possible without my early days with Rich.

  • Brendan, Wolverhampton – I was new to the game when I started coming to training when my brother invited me along one week and I really enjoyed it. I’ve been hooked on the sport ever since and it was all down the group of lads there and Rich as the coach. I found that he was always determined and committed. Every training session and game, he was there, and every training session was different, trying different techniques that made it enjoyable. From my point of view, Rich was a great coach. I wish him all the best of luck and success in his new career.

  • James, Wakefield – Rich pulled together players from three towns in the area that traditionally are fierce rivals to form one team. The squad was comprised of people from varied backgrounds, both male and female. It was a new concept at the time, but Rich did an excellent job of keeping the squad engaged, both from a team and an individual perspective. Training sessions were fun, varied, and were enjoyed by all participants. He also promoted a culture of equality and treated everybody’s queries/concerns with the utmost respect. The group was motivated to improve through a well-balanced combination of positive re-enforcement of individual and team positives and measured feedback on areas for improvement. It was an enjoyable time. I met some great people and would love the opportunity to work with Rich again in the future.

If we have worked together in the past in the sporting world, then I would really appreciate you spending time to get in touch with me and letting me know your thoughts and comments. 

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