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Mental Health Awareness course

Mental Health Awareness course completed

Course completed Here is a recent tweet I shared earlier this week about the latest training that I have completed.   Mental Health awareness is something that we should all improve on as it can help us interact better with others and to be more understanding and empathetic as fellow …

Listening to others

Making ourselves available for others

What people say and what people do We have all seen posts such as these on social media about how their door is always open to anyone who needs to talk, how mental health awareness means that we should all look out for each other, how we should be more …

Control your notifications

Phone notifications and quality of life

I recently undertook an experiment with my mobile phone to see how notifications affected my quality of life and the effects it had on how I reacted. For a week I had every app on my phone have their notifications turned on. The following week, I had every app on …