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Inactivity gets us nowhere

Inactivity gets us nowhere

  Inactivity literally gets us nowhere. In a world that is fast-moving, where even moving slowly can see us moving backward, we really need to be on our game, and actively making progress. What’s he on about now? Well, let’s break this down into some examples…   If at work, …

Reading a book

July? Already?!

It can’t be the second half of the year yet! July has landed so six months gone of 2020 already. It hasn’t been the greatest of six months for many reasons for many people. There has been great sadness, worry, and anxiety across the world, and the end isn’t too …

We shall remember them

We shall remember

Monday, each week normally is ‘Motivate Me’ day. Today though, it is also Armistice Day, the day when we remember those who have fallen in conflicts past and present. Due to this, I won’t be writing much for ‘Motivate Me’ today. I will just ask that we reflect on those …