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Let's work together

Partnerships – let’s work together

I like to work with other people to try and promote businesses, charities, brands, or causes that I support. I believe that if you can authentically say you recommend an item or a company, or can do something to try and promote what they are trying to achieve then it …

Pontefract Half Marathon

Supporting the promotion of Pontefract Half Marathon

In 2019, I supported the organisers of the Pontefract Half Marathon and helped them to get the event to be well supported.  I believe it is important to do something for your local area, especially where increasing participation and community spirit are involved.  If you are interested in me working with …

Sunwise sunglasses

Sport Inspired By You – Sunwise Sunglasses

I am currently appearing as part of the #sportinspiredbyyou campaign from Sunwise sunglasses.  Read their feature on me and see their range of excellent sunglasses for all activities. Sunwise sunglasses If you are interested in me working with you to promote your organisation, charity, brand or cause, please do get in touch.