Talk with people. Really talk with them!

Talk with people

Talk with people

Monday is ‘Motivate Me’ day. It is a day when many people feel the need for the metaphorical jump leads to get them going at the start of the new week. It doesn’t help when it is cold outside, when it’s a long day ahead, or if you’re generally feeling a bit run down.

Each Monday, I bring a few words together to help ease the Monday Misery and help you to get motivated. I am calling this Motivate Me as it’s about sharing ways that you can do this for yourself to make the most of your day.

My one tip for Motivate Me today is to talk with people throughout the week. That sounds a daft thing to say. You probably think you already do this. What I really mean, is to really talk with people throughout the week.

Don’t just small-talk with people, pass pleasantries, don’t carry on talking about nothing much. I suggest really talking with people. Find out something new about them. Share something from your life you’ve not told them before.

Talking TO someone is one thing, but talking WITH someone is an all-round greater experience. 

Open up your conversation to new areas. Through this, you create a closer bond with them. You might help inspire them or motivate them whilst your conversations.

Through widening the scope of your chats, you may get enlightenment from them too. Why should we think small? We have so much to give to others and so much to learn from others too. The more we listen, the more we learn. The more we learn, the more inspired we can come become. That’s a pretty exciting prospect when you look at it like this.

Have a great Monday.



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