Turn off your email notifications today!

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iPhone Notifications
iPhone Notifications

Urgent notification!

How many times in an average day do I look at my phone because there has been a notification about an email?

Is it an important email? Does it need some action there and then? Is it a marketing email, or an unsolicited communication that I don’t need to look at until it is convenient for me?

Put the NO into NOtifications

Today I have turned off my email notifications, knowing full well that I won’t really miss having to look at what has come in:

  • A reminder from Halfords that my car needs servicing within a month (I know already)
  • A voucher for a discount at Holland & Barrett (which I probably won’t use as I don’t go there that often)
  • A mailing list communication that I probably won’t get round to reading anyway.

They are the kind of really urgent emails that I am not going to have my life enhanced by reading now.

Control your notifications
Control your notifications

When do you NEED to read your emails?

Notifications of emails are becoming less and less necessary for so many. I log into my email account several times a day anyway. I don’t need to be told there and then for every email that comes in.

Have you thought about turning off phone notifications for your emails too? Have a look to see which notifications you get that distract you from focusing on what you were already doing?

I would like to think that you will still get to see your emails at a time to suit you, so you won’t miss out. You can gain control of your emails and notifications. Take back that control today!

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