We all need some more humility


We all need some more humility

Humility - CS Lewis
Humility – CS Lewis

The world needs a little more humility right now.

Not one of us knows everything.

If someone is telling us they are scared or fearful, we should listen to them and adjust.

If someone tells us about their struggles, that should provoke empathy and change.

We can do this, humbly.

‘Well, I’m not like that!’

There are too many ‘well, I’m not like that’ comments.

Firstly, good. I’m glad you’re not!

Secondly, what can you do to help others not be like that?

Thirdly, your response sounds defensive rather than listening, supporting, and caring.

Is that how you want to come across?

It is time to remember the Green Cross Code. It’s time more of us stop, look, listen.

Then do something about what you hear

Humility - Benjamin Franklin
Humility – Benjamin Franklin

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