We shall remember

We shall remember them
We shall remember them
We shall remember them

Monday, each week normally is ‘Motivate Me’ day. Today though, it is also Armistice Day, the day when we remember those who have fallen in conflicts past and present.

Due to this, I won’t be writing much for ‘Motivate Me’ today. I will just ask that we reflect on those who are no longer able to do what they wanted to do due to their selfless actions trying to bring about a better world around them.

We should remember the context of any problems with motivation we have at the start of the week.

We should remember to have proper perspective when we size up any issues we are facing.

Most of all, we should remember those who have lost their lives, had life-changing injuries, or are affected still years after the conflicts they fought in have ended.

We shall remember them.

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