We’re not all one thing!

People are complex beings. We aren’t easily defined as one thing or another. Life and the human race aren’t binary units.

I have been doing some thinking recently about who I am, what I am seen as, what others think of me, what I am defined by. This internal reflection is a helpful exercise especially where there have been changes in your life.

What do some people see me as?

To some I am seen as a runner. To some, it’s through work and my project management and analytical skills. To some, it’s through nights out and social interactions. To others, it may be through my photographs and me enjoying being out and about. To some, it will be my silly jokes and puns.

Yet, there are some that know me in a different light – they may see me as an ex-rugby league person and remember me from my time playing, coaching and managing teams from then. Others may know me from my youth and shared memories of what we did in years gone by.

We are many different things

Not just one thing

The point of this is that we aren’t just one of those. We are all of those. We are memories and shared experiences. We are all interesting and exciting people when we find these stories out. We all have things that we can share. We may not realise it at times but we are a rich tapestry of experiences, thoughts, beliefs, values, skills and abilities.

By sticking people in little boxes that they are ‘a runner’ or ‘someone from school’, or ‘someone I used to play rugby with’. We are all more than this. Life gets richer when we dig deeper and find out more about our friends and acquaintances.

We’re not all one thing. We are unique and multi faceted. There’s so much more to find under the surface of others than just ‘they are this or that’.

That’s something worth celebrating in ourselves and exploring in others.

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