What Yorkshire is to me

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What is Yorkshire to me?


I was born here, but again so much more was born here too.

Rugby League, Yorkshire Tea, flat caps, and more Rugby League!


I lived far away from here for many years, but Yorkshire was good enough to return to.

Often when you leave somewhere, you don’t feel like returning, but not with Yorkshire.

Whilst I was away, this was still my home. This is where I am from. This county is me.


What is Yorkshire that makes it so special? It’s not perfect, but what is?

Part of what makes it special is that despite it is not perfect, it still has lots going for it.

The scenery, the coast, the friendliness in the towns and cities, and did I mention Rugby League?


When you drive out into the old towns across Yorkshire, there is so much we can learn from and experience.

There is history all around you. The stories that these places could tell you. The very different world than the past was.

Then there is the wild and rugged countryside. The peaceful tranquillity of being surround by nothingness for miles on end.

The old factories. The coal mines. The industries and the innovation that has come from here. Yorkshire is the past and the future.


Whilst Yorkshire is something really special, it doesn’t mean that other areas aren’t special too.

I have many friends and people I know in different parts of the country who mean lots to me.

They may feel equally special about the places they are from too. I really hope they do too.

We should all have some pride and warmth come from the places where we have come from.


Yorkshire is more than just Rugby League, flat caps, forthright speaking, and Yorkshire tea.

Yorkshire is much more. Yorkshire is more than just the fields, dales, moors, and the beautiful coastline.

Yorkshire is a feeling. Yorkshire is an identity. Yorkshire is special. Yorkshire is who we are.


Whether you’re from here. Whether you’ve moved here. Whether you’ve visited here.

Yorkshire Day is for everyone, not just for those who had the fortune to be born in this special county.

Like how Yorkshire folk talk to anyone on the bus or train. Yorkshire Day isn’t for just folk we know. Yorkshire is for all.

Happy Yorkshire Day
Happy Yorkshire Day

Happy Yorkshire Day everyone.


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