Match Fit
Match Fit

Are you making excuses? I sure have been!

It’s very easy to sit back and say you can’t do something or that you don’t feel you’re as good as everyone else.
You don’t HAVE to be as good as everyone else. There are thousands and millions of people doing activities each day that aren’t as good as everyone else, but they’re out there aiming to improve, not against other people but for themselves.
I’m never going to break records with my running, but the benefits of getting out there and going for a run outweigh all the reasons why I think I shouldn’t bother.
This is the same scenario many of us face as the autumn arrives and the dark evenings greet us. If you feel like you’re not at your best, you may be right. If you feel like you’re not competing as well against others, that also may be right, but you aren’t going to reverse those by staying in.
You don’t get match fit by not stepping on the pitch! Stand up, take a deep breath, and go and make the most of the opportunity we are fortunate to have.

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