You’re a runner? Really?!

Believe in Yourself

“You’re a RUNNER? Really? What, like marathons and that?” Yes, these are questions I have been asked. Those questioning me at the time couldn’t believe it.

They lacked belief. They couldn’t see it being true. They hadn’t experienced someone to achieve something unexpected. This isn’t their fault.

I feel for others when people like them lack such belief, because if they can’t believe SOMEONE ELSE can achieve something big, then they probably can’t believe what THEY could possibly achieve either.

Now, I feel like it is my responsibility to tell my story, to share my belief, and to encourage others to reach for the stars, to set themselves goals and ambitious targets, and to develop a belief in themselves.

I wouldn’t want to be a non-believer, not in myself and not in others. It’s not who I am. I am a positive person who wants others to believe not just in me, but to believe in themselves too. I would love it if by creating positive posts and sharing stories of achievement, others will make that change in themselves too.

I believe you can achieve if you let yourself believe. Your dreams CAN come true.

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