You’re the best person at being you!

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You are unique!

Believe in yourself
Believe in yourself

Unfortunately in life, some people will try and copy your ideas. The good news is that they won’t be as good at being you as you though!

You are unique. You are you. No one else can ever be you. So carry on being you! If wannabes want to try and fake it, they’ll get found out sooner or later.

If someone else takes your idea and does something else with it, fine. They are not going to be you! People like you for being you. You’re the real deal! It’s as simple as that.

Someone might take your idea and do a similar kind of social media post, use your phrase that you are known for, or post a similar kind of video, take part in a similar kind of activity. They might suddenly take up a hobby that you’ve taken up as well and they might think that they’re trying to be something special by being a different kind of way.

They may be wanting to win favour with others by being this different person. It may be jealousy. It may be envy. It may be many things, but it ain’t you! They’re just trying to copy you and they’re not going to BE you.

They will NEVER be as good at being you as you are. You are liked for who you are, so continue being you. One thing we can’t control is the way others are, especially those who can’t even be themselves.

Green eyed monsters
Green eyed monsters

Be you. Celebrate being you. Be the best you. Don’t be anything else but the most awesome you that you already are!

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