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Who is Rich?

Rich, a mid-40s Yorkshireman, came to running late and has been playing catch-up ever since! Whilst no-one can accuse him of being your archetypical running shape, he has repeatedly defied expectations with his determination, passion, enthusiasm, and desire to achieve.

Described as an inspiration, a great motivator, and someone who wears his smile through the miles, Rich enjoys passing on his love for running and enjoyment of living an active life to others who want to enjoy their social running too.

Have a read of the blog posts, watch the videos, and buy the inspirational e-book How A Fat Sweaty Santa Became A Marathon Runner – rated 4.6*/5* on Amazon so is well worth a read.  🙂 

Machine Beach

Rich Lord is affectionately known in his local running circles as being a #machine 🙂 

How A Fat Sweaty Santa
Became A Marathon Runner

Are you on Santa’s nice list yet? 

Is running seeming like something that other people do? Can’t see yourself as a runner? Is the idea of running further than for a bus too scary a prospect? 

Want to read an uplifting story of how a non-runner like that took part in a Christmas fun run and started an unlikely journey that led to becoming a marathon runner?

My debut e-book is available to buy for just £1.99 and this uplifting story about making those first few steps running, or waddling is something that I had never dreamt of doing previously. A marathon is a long, long way. Why would anyone want to do this? Read it and find out! 🙂 

What I’d like you to do!

An enjoyable short read about how I went from being a non-runner to completing my first marathon

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