About Rich Lord

Rich Lord (photo credit – Prima Image photography)

About Rich Lord

Hi, I am Rich Lord. Here are a few snippets of info about me, who I am, and what I’ve done in my life.

Who I am

I am a blogger, runner, project and business manager, and all-round smiley person. I like bad jokes, selfies, blogging, running, and making people smile – both on social media and when I am with people face to face.

My goals in life are:

  • I want people to feel good about themselves and their surroundings
  • I want people to be happy, to enjoy themselves responsibly without others being negatively affected
  • I want to inform, entertain, and help people feel there is hope in the world

My mindset and where my energies are that:

  • I have a passion for participation
  • I am a seeker of self-confidence in others
  • I am a believer in self-belief
  • I am an envoy of encouragement
  • And I am active in wanting others to be active.

Rich Lord Rich Lord (photo credit –Prima Image photography)


My personality type according to Myers-Briggs is ENFP, which is Extraverted, iNtuitive, Feeling and Perceiving, which is known as The Champion – Enthusiastic, charismatic and creative.

“ENFPs are people-centred creators with a focus on possibilities and a contagious enthusiasm for new ideas, people and activities.” –  https://www.truity.com/personality-type/ENFP

I recognise a lot about the characteristics of ENFP personality types and can see how what I do is linked to my personality.

To find out more about your personality type, search https://www.truity.com/page/16-personality-types-myers-briggs


Rugby League I spent 10 years involved with amateur rugby league, both in the West Midlands and then back in the heartlands of the sport in West Yorkshire.

You can find out more about my involvement and achievements in Rugby League here.

Running After quitting rugby league, I started running in 2013 and haven’t looked back since. You can find out more about my involvement, experiences and achievements in running here


For information about my career, you can read about it here and about the experience I have had and the projects I have worked on. 

To connect with me on LinkedIn, please visit my profile here


I have been blogging since 2013 and have written about lots of subjects though I started out writing about running and about my experiences getting started running.

I went on to write an e-book called ‘How A Fat Sweaty Santa Became A Marathon Runner‘. This was after I was talked into doing the Liverpool Santa Dash in 2012 and caught the running bug. I don’t think I have really looked back since!

My experiences and approach to running have been captured in my blog posts and I continue to be keen to help new runners get the running bug too like I did back then.

It is only through the encouragement of others that we can improve in our confidence. 

I write about running, my fitness journey, inspiration and motivation articles and other general topics. I would very much like it if you would get involved by commenting and sharing.

Partnerships / collaborative working

To find out about my partnerships and collaborative working, please visit this page here


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