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Rich Lord
Rich Lord

Rich Lord is an inspiring, smiling, motivational blogger, who wants to spread smiles around wherever he can and for others to be able to enjoy the world they live in. 

A published author of two e-books and a paperback book, a five-time marathon runner, leader in running fitness, qualified business analyst and project manager, eighteen years’ experience in the NHS, and currently working in a data role. Formerly a rugby league player, manager, coach and qualified match official, now concentrating on running and managing a community running group. 

From Wakefield, then Wolverhampton, now living in Pontefract.

Rich and his friendly Gruffalo
Rich and his friendly Gruffalo


I write – As well as my blog, I have two e-books available on Amazon, one of which is now also available as a paperback. I love writing about my experiences, not for self-aggrandising but as I am fully aware that my lived experiences can help others. My analysis of what happened and how I went about change can be inspiring to others, can motivate lives, and can lift others to believe in themselves.

I run – I am a Leader in Running Fitness, currently Club Secretary and delivering running sessions for Carleton Running Community in Pontefract, I’ve ran over 100 races, five marathons, twenty five half marathons, over 200 parkruns, and am passionate about getting people active in whatever way they feel able to. 

I lead – I enjoy getting stuff done. I enjoy helping deliver things. I enjoy enabling. I’m not claiming to be the best at any of these, but I can get stuff done. I can deliver activities. I can enable things to happen. I help people. I help groups. I help through my leadership in my own style.

I work – My work in the NHS has been a great experience for me. I’ve been able to work on major national data programmes that enable greater patient experiences, provided front line support for patients during the out of hours period, and have really enjoyed being a part in the healthcare sector.

I socialise – I enjoy spending time with people. I like visiting friends. I don’t just think local. I like to speak and chat with people wherever they are. You can’t beat face to face interactions and post-lockdown I am doing what I can to see more people more often.

I support – I am a fan of Aston Villa FC, Wakefield Trinity RLFC and Pontefract Collieries FC. Over my life I have dipped in and out of the different levels of support. I think it is quite emotionally draining living and breathing a club full time and can be quite restrictive if you have other interests too. Currently enjoying sports teams on the basis of when I want rather than when it’s on. That works for me.  

I smile – One thing that I am working towards nowadays is to aim for happiness more often. In the past I have spent time pleasing others or trying to! Now I am wanting others around me to be happy, but not at my own expense at the same time. Being mindful of what I need myself is a key thing to keep that smile on my face. Spending my time with energy radiators and not energy drains mean I have more in the tank to share with others and to live a happy life as much as possible.

What next?

Well, you know more about Rich now. What next? Well, here are a few ideas:

Rich Lord - with his latest book
Rich Lord – with his latest book